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Night had just recently fallen on Death City and many were already inside their homes. However, there was a certain trio still roaming the streets for personal business. They were given an assignment to greet a new group of people moving into the city. It could not have been too difficult. They were described as wild, carrying only the clothes on their backs.


“Yo, yo, yo, yo!! What’s happenin’, guys?” Lord Death merrily greeted his son and his two weapons. “My, my, Kid, your stripes are looking marvelous tonight!”

Kid shoulders rose and fell as he sighed heavily. “Can we not talk about these accursed stripes that haunt me…?”

“Right, right! Sorry! I’ll get to the point.” An extremely large hand moved in front of the silly looking skull mask as Lord Death cleared his throat. “I have a mission for you, Kid! It’s very important.”

Liz and Patty were just as curious as Kid. However it was Liz to voice their feelings. “Oh? What kind of mission?”

“I need you three to stand by the entrance of this city and wait for a bunch of new comers! They’re all Meisters and Weapons from a different area that have requested to stay here! They’re all around your age so I think you’ll feel right at home when you welcome them.” He explained the plan he had in mind. Lord Death wanted Kid to show them around the city for a bit, despite it being night, and let them rest at their household.

“If I may,” Kid interjected after a while. “Just…how many are staying with us?”

His father shrugged. “Dunno!”


“I wasn’t told how many are showing up. But I’m sure the house is large enough for however many they have!”

Kid sighed and slapped his palm against his forehead. “The most useful information is left out…Oh well, we’ll just have to make do. Come on, Liz, Patty.”

Patty laughed loudly and skipped ahead of the two. “Ooh, this sounds like so much fun~!!” She cheered happily.


Which takes us back to where the trio stays waiting by the entrance of the city…

Time continued to tick by and Kid found enough time to actually finish his project on properly plucking at Liz’s eyebrows—an assignment he had started working on months before. Liz was thankful that things were going by so slow that night. However, it was still extremely boring to wait around for people who were taking their sweet time.

Liz threw her head back in annoyance. “UGH. Where the hell are they!? We’ve been waiting here forever!!”

“Who knows?” Kid sighs, crossing his arms. “My father probably got the time of arrival mixed up. Let’s just go home for now and come back early in the morning.”

Just as Kid was going to turn his back and head home, Patty’s voice caught his attention. “Wait, Kid! Look! Look!! Someone’s coming!”

Only seconds after alerting the other two, there was distant yelling and strings of colorful insults and swear words. In the distance, a total of four girls, all equipped with a weapon, were running from something. Sword, scythe, bow and arrow, and what looked to be a whip were held tightly in dominant hands and were at the ready.

“Goddammit, Melody!” The girl with a light build and brown hair streaked with red highlights growled down at her weapon. “See what you did!? You and your big mouth!” Her hair bounced about as her soundless feet carried her ahead of the other girls. She quickly tucked the beautiful locks behind her ear to see well. The color of her eyes was hard to determine at such a far distance.

Her sword let out a loud “HMPH” sound. One girl dressed in green and black caught up with the silent runner. She didn’t even bother to move her crazy black and blonde tipped hair that whipped around her face. “To be fair, Mozie,” she huffed, struggling to keep up with the speed of the group. “The witch was dressed like the Queen of Tramps!”

Wait…They brought a witch with them? To confirm the thought, the furious roar of thunder and the dangerous cry of a witch shook the earth momentarily.

“A witch is free to wear, or not wear, whatever she wants! Her clothes, her body, her rules!” Mozie hissed back. “Point is, we almost got passed her!”

The third girl, the most brightly dressed in flashy neon and basic rainbow colors, bounded a few feet behind them. Her hair flowed lazily despite how fast they were running. “Key word being ‘almost’, right Dezzy?” She spun the duel ended scythe with incredible skill.

The green one nodded in agreement. Her weapon let out a whine. “This isn’t the time to fight about that right now guys! Deflecting these things she’s shooting at us hurts! Can we just hurry and lose her? Maybe kill her!?”

“Calm down, Zumi. Just let ‘em handle it.” The scythe spoke coolly, instantly calming her friend.

The one with the best fashion shot an arrow of soul energy at the witch to try and throw her off. Her chocolate brown hair was tied up in a perfect bun, allowing her to focus in on her target behind her. “Thanks for trusting us, Nessa.” She smiled and quickened her pace. “We’re all running low on stamina and we’re close to the entrance! Isabella, are you ready?”

“Of course! Everyone, keep running! Once Diana gives the signal, turn around and attack with Whip-Blade Barrage!” The bow chirped confidently. The girls nod in agreement and then focus on executing their plan.

By this time, Kid was at the ready with Liz and Patty in hand. But…he was interested in what the group could do, so he waited.

Mozie and Dezzy reach the turning point first and flawlessly spin on their heels. Dezzy swung the whip to wrap around the witch and quickly pulled her towards them. In unison the two girls leaped into the air, Mozie swung Melody down as Zumi transformed on command into a similar battle sword. The witch howls in pain and stupidly turns her back toward the Neon Princess, too focused on striking back.

“Turning your back on Bethany is one of it stupidest things you could do.” Nessa chuckled darkly as her Meister, Bethany, sprinted at the common target.   Acting quickly, Bethany unleashed hell on the witch’s back, slicing it up with a combo of swings, turns, and dodges that was uncountable. She moved so the witch would turn to face her end, the bow and arrow at the ready, gathering the last bit of energy for the finale.

“Say your prayers because this is the end!” Diana let go of the brightly glowing arrow just as Bethany jumped back to safety. The arrow hit the target and the witch was slain. Only a single, large, and evil red soul remained.

The dark and focused looks on the group’s faces immediately melted into triumphant and elated ones. The weapons returned to their human forms and all of them relaxed. Zumi pointed at Kid, moving her jet black hair streaked with blue away from her right eye it covered. “Hey guys, look! Is that our greeting party?”

Isabella, sporting the same bun as her Meister, giggled. “Well, I wouldn’t say a party but I’m sure they’re the ones that are gonna show us around.”

“Why don’t we stop talking and go ask?” Nessa, bespectacled with straight hair tied back into a simple ponytail and wearing all black, suggested, pulling Bethany by the wrist.

Zumi broke into a sprint, playfully shoving Mozie back to give everyone a head start. “Race you there!!”

“Oi, you cheater!” Mozie laughed, bolting after the lot of them. Her quick and quiet feet carried her easily and allowed her to catch up and eventually take the lead. She looked over her shoulder at the others. “Ha! Eat my dust!”

“Mozie, look out!!” Melody shouted, pointing ahead.

Just as Mozie turned around to look in front of her, she collided hard with Kid and knocked them both to the ground. She and Kid braced themselves for impact but Kid cushioned her fall. The air was knocked out of him and Mozie lay on his chest, her ear against his heart. During their fall, Kid had wrapped his arms around Mozie protectively and he held her in place. Both of their hearts were racing, the thumping falling in sync with each other.

Mozie wriggled a bit and pulled back, blushing and stammering an apology. His golden eyes were gorgeous. Mozie couldn’t tear her hazel eyes away. She could feel her face heating up all over again. They stayed in their trance until her group finally caught up and pulled her up to her feet.

Zumi quickly dusts Mozie off before skipping over to Kid and kindly helped him up. Before Kid could thank her and begin to dust himself off, he noticed there was a loud slapping sound. His face suddenly jerked to the right and his cheek started to sting. Zumi had slapped him!!

“How DARE you! Touching Mozie like that, as if you know her! Do it again and I’ll personally cut off your manhood with a butter knife and shove it. Down. Your throat.” Her voice dripped with malevolence as her eyes glared daggers as sharp as her weapon form. However, it dissipated once she spun on her heel to face her comrades.

Some congratulated her while others face palmed. Mozie cleared her throat and stepped up to Kid. She called for his attention but after a third failed attempt, she slapped the other side of his face, forcing his head to whip to the left. It did the trick though because Kid came to his senses and also cleared his throat and apologized.

Mozie sticks out her hand and waits for him to react. She raises and eyebrow and shakes her hand a bit to signal him to shake. “A-ah, my apologies.” Kid apologized again and shook her hand firmly. “I am Death the Kid and this is Liz and Patty.” He pointed behind him to where the sisters stood, back in their human forms.

“Nice to meet you,” Mozie smiled. “My name is--”

“Mozie?” Kid smirks a bit and raises an eyebrow in amusement. He puts up his hand to silence her and explained himself. “I heard your rather loud conversation about the witch. Good job on defeating her, by the way. Your team work skills are amazing.”

The other girls start to gather around, smiling kindly. Kid nods and acknowledges them in the order they stood. “It’s nice to meet you Diana, Isabella, Dezzy, Bethany, Melody, Nessa…Zumi…”

Nessa raised her hand to interject. “Correction. I’m Vanessa and she’s Zulema. Nessa and Zumi are our nicknames that only…close friends can use.”

He nods again and apologizes for the third time that night. “Welcome to Death City. I think you all will fit in just fine here. Please follow me.”

Liz stepped forward. “We’ll be giving you a quick tour. And then--”

“And THEN we’ll have a big slumber party at our place! Since you all are homeless, you can crash at our house~!!” Patty giggles and jumps in place. “Cmon, let’s go already!”

The large group of girls followed the infamous trio into the City and looked around. It was dead quiet and very peaceful. The large group stopped for some food, unexpectedly meeting up with Kid’s friends Maka, Soul, Tsubaki, and Black Star. They all got along and acted rather friendly, pretty quickly. Especially Zulema and Black Star… The new girls had no problem demonstrating their tomboyish sides by facing their new friends in an eating and belching competition (that Mozie, Kid, Liz Tsubaki, and Maka kindly sat out of). After hanging out for a few hours, the groups split and Kid showed them to his house.

The girls were exhausted from their fight and late night out that they all lazily flopped onto the floor in the living room. Liz and Patty found extra rooms for them to sleep in and helped them into bed. However, the rooms were quickly filled up and there was no room for Mozie. Kid sighs to himself and thinks. He sighs again, blushing wildly, before picking up Mozie bridal style and carrying her to his room. Another heavy sigh leaves his lips as he tucks her into his bed and leaves to go change.

Naturally, Kid would have slept on the floor had he not been so tired either. Earlier in the day, he had gone on a long mission with Liz and Patty. To rest a bit, he sat on the edge of his bed, fighting to stay awake. But his fatigue got the best of him and forced him to lie down without a second thought. His heavy eyelids shut and his body unconsciously wriggled its way under the covers, next to Mozie, and rested peacefully.



The loud thudding sound of someone falling over and the sudden chilly feeling of the morning air nipping at his body was enough to rouse Kid from his sleep. He rubbed his eyes and looked over the edge of the bed, noticing the girl from last night. He pinches the bridge of his nose, hiding his blush, and sighs. After a moment, he moved his hand and smiled at Mozie. “Well, good morning.”

“Why the hell am I in your bed!? What is going on here!?” He guessed she was not much of a morning person. She clutched the blankets that were wrapped around her body. Quickly checking herself, Mozie took a peek under the covers. “D-don’t tell me we…”

He was confused at what she was mumbling about. When he noticed her deep blush and how she patted herself down, it suddenly clicked in his mind. “Oh, no, no, no, no…!! I would never take advantage of a girl like that! There just wasn’t any space in any of the other rooms so I brought you to mine. I was going to sleep on the floor but I knocked out before I could…!”

Luckily his explanation calmed Mozie down and made things less awkward. Mozie stood up, nodding in understanding, and then left the room. Kid blinked and stared at the door, listening in on what was going on outside of his room. The air carried the mouthwatering aroma of freshly made breakfast. Curious as to who was behind the reason for such a wonderful scent, Kid (and apparently the others) came out of their rooms and walked towards the kitchen, after making their beds of course.

Isabella, Melody, Bethany, and Vanessa were already sitting at the table. Well, more like they were slumped over with their eyes closed, waiting for the announcement that the food was ready. Diana and Mozie were helping out Zulema, setting up the table, pouring everyone some juice or milk, as she finished making the last of the pancakes, eggs, and bacon. Liz, Patty, and Kid arrived at the same time and received the same bright greeting from the three girls. “Oh, good morning!”

“Smells great! I can’t wait to stuff my face!” Patty giggled, bouncing over to an empty seat. Liz chuckled and agreed, sitting in the chair next to her sister.

Just then, the doorbell rang throughout the house and was followed by loud and rapid knocking. Kid raised an eyebrow and went to answer the door. He blinked as two new strangers stood in front of him. One was a boy with short chocolate brown locks, sun kissed skin, and dark eyes. His face was a little round and framed with black glasses. He was casually dressed, just like the friend that stood behind him. She was slightly taller than the boy. Her multi-colored hair reached a few centimeters before her chin and complimented her cotton white skin. Smiling kindly, moving her bangs out of her heart/diamond shaped face, she opened her mouth to speak.

Before anything could be said, Kid heard a loud and excited gasp from behind him and suddenly met the floor. The air rushed out of him as Zulema stepped on him to get to the people at the door. Ah, so she knew them…

“Richard! Saz!! You’re here!!!” [1] She squealed happily, pulling them into a strong bear hug, even lifting them off the ground. Now their breath left their bodies until Zulema realized she was basically suffocating her friends. She set them down and hugged them both gently. “Ah, I’m so happy you made it! How’d you find us so quickly?”

“Tracking devices and GPS are very handy, yknow.” Richard smirked, patting her head. “The others here?”

“Yeah! C’mon in! We’re only staying here for a few days, hopefully, till we can find our own place. Breakfast is ready and everyone’s at the table.” Zulema opened the door wider and let them in.

Saz looked down at Kid. “Hey, Zumi, shouldn’t you help him up after knocking him down like that?” She raised an eyebrow and crossed her arms.

Zulema gasped and immediately helped Kid up, apologizing profusely. She even helped dust off his back. She shut the door and hurried to the kitchen to finish serving the others. Introductions were made and everyone sat down to eat. Mozie scolded Zulema and apologized to Kid, patting his shoulder awkwardly. He stiffened and blushed at the innocent touch. His black eyebrows furrow together in confusion. Why was he feeling this way? Why was he so bothered? Everyone started eating once everyone had been served.

Kid’s golden eyes flickered over to Mozie and stared at her. Her hair looked soft and pretty in the light. He only imagined how beautiful it would have looked in the sunlight or even at night. The cute curve of her lips when she smiled at her dorky friends was almost overwhelming. The gentle hazel of her glistening eyes as they lit up with laughter was just too cute. Had this been some sappy Romantic Comedy, Kid would have sighed dreamily.

Unfortunately, he was caught staring by Saz. An amused smirk tugged at her lips. She leaned her face against her hand and chuckled. “What are you doin’ there, Kid? Why’re you staring so intensely at Mozie? Hmmm?” She teased him, wiggling her eyebrows.

Kid’s face burned with embarrassment from having been caught. “What are you talking about? I wasn’t staring! I just happened to be looking in her direction.”

“You were giving her lovey-dovey-kiss-kiss eyes!” The eyebrows would not stop their ridiculous wiggling.

Richard chuckled, hovering a hand over his mouth to avoid being gross or rude. “Don’t get her started. Just agree.”

Kid was not sure what to do. He looked down at his plate and ate some of his breakfast. There were times where he would steal glances at Mozie and he often smiled to himself when he noticed she was having such a great time. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Zulema holding something in one hand while she ate with the other.

Mozie noticed as well. “Zumi, why the hell do you have a camera in your hand? What are you even doing?”

“I’m making memories, of course! It’s the reason why I bought the damn thing!” Zulema giggled and wiggled her eyebrows at Mozie and Kid just like Saz had. How long had that camera been running? Was she bluffing? Yes, that is it! Zulema had to be bluffing. She had to be…right?

When everyone had gone to sleep, Zulema watched all of the moments she caught on camera. She smiled to herself and shut everything off and went to sleep herself. She was going to save the videos for a later date…


Months go by and the girls were still trying to get their shit together. They were all attending DWMA so it did not really matter but Mozie felt bad having to take up so much space. She wanted to thank Kid for letting them stay for so long. So, Mozie had confronted her group about it and they decided to throw a party. Isabella and Diana had taken care of the clothing, Zulema and Dezzy were taking care of the food, and Vanessa and Bethany were quickly setting up the decorations. While all of this was happening, Saz, Richard, and Melody kept their eye out for a certain trio they had become rather friendly with.

When Kid, Liz, and Patty returned home, they were certainly surprised with what was waiting for them. The group of ten shouted loudly a mixture of ‘welcome home’ and ‘surprise’ in unison. The ten of them were formally dressed with amazing and complicated designs. Mozie’s dress stood out the most because of its strong and mature look. Kid blinked, failing to realize that he stared for far too long and his face was quickly becoming as crimson as the dress.

“Oi, Lover Boy!” Richard called out with an amused tone. “Instead of gawking, go to your room and get changed!”

Before Kid could retort, Zulema and Diana started to shove him down the hallway to his bedroom. Liz and Patty were also quickly taken to their rooms to change. Diana playfully shoved Kid into his bedroom after Zulema opened the door. “Suit’s on the bed. Take your time to get dressed but no longer than ten minutes, got it? We’ll come barging in!” The bright smile on her face made it difficult to tell if she was serious or not.

Kid decided to play it safe and try not to keep them waiting. He shut the door once the two left and turned towards the suit. It was a lot like his usual outfit but was touched up with more stripes and such. The colors were also inverted, which was what took Kid by surprise. Lifting up the suit and turning it this way and that, Kid chuckled. “It’s perfect. Those girls really have outdone themselves. Now if only they could do this quality of work during class…” He chuckled once more and started to strip down to his underwear.

In the darkness just outside the large window to his room, a figure waits for the right time. The blinds were closed but the shadow of the young man could not be mistaken. A pearly white smirk glinted in the moonlight as the shadow from inside buttoned up his shirt most of the ways up before sitting down on his bed and sighing heavily. Now was the time.

Death the Kid sat on his comfortable bed, distracted by the image of Mozie smiling brightly in such a beautiful dress. Despite being a stickler for symmetry, Kid thought her asymmetrical look was surprisingly astonishing and breathtaking (as much as he hated to admit it). With another heavy sigh, Kid looks down at his buttons and realized he messed up on one. Undoing them, he had not realized the being outside his window.

A sudden crash alerted him. Because his mind was clouded with thoughts, his reaction time was delayed by a lot. Kid had no time to analyze the features of the beautiful creature that had just burst into his room because in seconds their plump but eerily cold lips pressed themselves against his. Her strength took Kid by surprise as she held down his body so she could straddle him. Muffled protests and groans poured out Kid but were swallowed when a tongue slithered its way into his mouth.

“Kid!? What was that; are you oka--” Mozie was the first to kick the door down and step into the room. His golden hues snap in her direction and widen. No, he thought, please don’t allow this cliché to fool you.

The kissing stopped a few seconds later once the others crowded the hallway to try and see what happened. “Oh, Kid, my darling, it seems like we have an audience! Can we show them how passionate you can be?”

As she sat up, Kid took advantage of the situation and shoved her off, wiping his lips of her gentle minty taste. “I don’t even know who you are.” He growled, glaring daggers. Who was she? Where did she come from? Why did she look so familiar…?

Mozie’s eyes stung with fresh tears born from the anger within her. “Enough.” She spat, balling her hands into tight fists. “That’s enough!!” Kid was surprised at the fiery gaze Mozie directed at him. “How could you…!?”

“Mozie, this isn’t--”

SHUT UP!! You liar!” Mozie screeched, slipping off her heels with ease. She bent down to pick them up and then flung them towards the window. The glass shattered just like her heart as well as the trust she had for Kid. “I don’t want to hear this!!” She charges forward, gracefully avoiding the shards of glass that decorated the floor. With her incredible speed Mozie jumped out of the window and into the night, knocking Kid and the mysterious invader back in surprise.

Mozie’s friends called out to her and then flooded Kid’s room. Liz and Patty stand at the doorway, a foot in the room. Zulema immediately leaps for the intruder and tackles her to the floor. Spitting loud swears and insults at the girl below her, she claws at the girl’s face until Vanessa and Dezzy pull her off. Saz and Richard rush over and keep the girl pinned to the floor so she could be questioned later. If looks could kill, this woman would have died eleven times already.

Melody and Diana approach Kid quietly but the look in their eyes did not suggest that they wanted to speak calmly about what happened. Kid opened his mouth to say something but was immediately silence with a powerful right hook executed by Diana. He was not the type to take a beating, however Kid was not about to beat down those precious to him and the girl he had slowly fallen for.

“You sick sonova bitch.” Diana spoke softly and her words dripped with anger. “How could you hide something like a relationship, Kid!? How could you do this to us? To Mozie!?”

Kid took a deep breath and rubbed his cheek. Wincing a little, he shook his head. “I didn’t hide anything--”

Melody scoffed and took a step closer. “Don’t give us your bullshit!” She reeled back her fist and took a swing. Instead of taking another hit, Kid caught her smaller fist when it was centimeters from his face. Bethany and Isabella gasped and rushed over, demanding Kid to stop. He held up his free hand to keep them at arm’s length and it surprisingly caused the two to come to a halt.

“If you would listen to me for once instead of jumping to conclusions, I would really appreciate it!” Kid shouted, avoiding eye contact. He let go of Melody’s hand when she relaxed. The girls were still fuming with blazing hot anger, so much that it rivaled Hell itself, but decided to listen. He explained the situation and lowered his gaze down to the woman, who was giving a smug and lopsided smirk. “Do you have something to say?”

A dark chuckle bubbled from her throat as her murky green eyes gleamed with amusement. “She’s mine now. Her clothes, her body, my rules. Kiss your precious Mozie goodbye.”

As Saz and Richard were confused by her choice of words, the other girls were shocked in place. The Thompson sisters rush over and transform into their weapon forms. Kid tried to be quick enough to take a shot but the woman was quicker. A thick smoke quickly filled the room and Saz was knocked off her feet and on top of Richard. “She’s escaping!”

“No! Get back here!!” Zulema struggled free from Vanessa and Dezzy’s hold and chased her to the window. When she tried to reach for her, Zulema only grazed the end of a shoe. A witch’s laughter echoed through the night. Realization of her identity hit Zulema first before it reached some of the others. “Get back here you damn witch! Get back here so I can rip out your ribs and craft them into toothbrushes so I can shove them down your throat! You’ll be shitting your teeth and every damn bone in your body when I’m done with you, dammit!!” Her voice broke by the end of her confusing threat because the crushing feeling of allowing the witch escape by a hair.

Bethany placed a gentle hand on Zulema’s shoulder and consoled her. The room remained quiet as Zulema sobbed out her frustrations. When she finally calmed down, the smoke had completely cleared and the room became very chilly. Isabella approached her friend and patted her back.

“Zumi, it seems like you’re a step ahead. And if this is what I think it is, we’re gonna need you to confirm our thoughts.” Isabella tried to smile to encourage her friend.

Richard crossed his arms. “It’s too cold in here. Let’s talk in the dining room. If we don’t start now, Mozie’ll get farther away from us.”

They all sat around Zulema as she explained that the only reason why that woman would know what Mozie said before was either because she came back from the dead or if she had a twin. The first option was obviously unlikely. The second explained why she looked so familiar. The witch from many months ago had a twin sister that must have been trying to help her sister only to get there too late. And now that same witch wants revenge and has already put them at a disadvantage.

Kid stood up silently which caused Liz and Patty to do so as well. “What are we waiting for then? Let’s formulate a plan while searching. Mozie could be anywhere by now and if you all aren’t with me…I doubt she’ll come back…”

Just then the doorbell chimed. When Liz answered the door with Patty in her hand, she smiled when she realized who was at the door. “Oh it’s just you guys. Hurry and come on in… We’re in the dining room.”

Soul, Maka, Tsubaki, and Black Star walk in. Soul clicked his tongue. “Damn, you all dead or something? It’s way too quiet.”

“Well, about that…” Saz explained the situation to them. “We’d like it if it was just us that went, however. Bringing more than necessary would bring disappointment to…a certain someone because they couldn’t fight.” She crossed her arms and did not hold back when giving Black Star a look.

“Heheheh! You think I’m just gonna sit back and let a bunch of noobs take my spotlight? Well think again!” Black Star laughed loudly.

“Just leave him be, Saz. He’s just got another reason to show off.” Diana rolled her eyes with a small smirk, pointing at Zulema.

Both teens blushed deeply and denied everything. Heh, young love. Oh wait, right. There was a rescue plan that had to be executed. Kid sighs. “Let them join. We’ve wasted enough time. Let’s go already.”

The large group sets out to blindly look for their friend. To raise the chances of either finding a lead or finding Mozie herself, the group splits into teams. When they all come back together, Soul and Maka, as well as Bethany and Vanessa, report finding some kind of secret passageway. Black Star and Tsubaki volunteer to check it out and confirmed that it lead to an odd clearing and an odd looking building.

“We’re going.” Melody said firmly. “I can feel it in my gut. Mozie is in there.”

“I can sense souls too,” Maka commented, reaching her hand out for Soul to transform. “We should hurry.”

With a chorus of pumped up cheers, the team filed in with their weapons at the ready. They built a formation and hoped for the best. Along the way they encountered a few ‘small fry’ that were left to be taken care of by Maka and Black Star. The others followed Kid deeper into the large and eerie building. They went deeper into the darker parts of the place until they came across two large doors.

Dezzy and Bethany break down the door while Diana, Saz, and Kid ready their weapons, pointing into the darkness that covered every corner of the room. For a moment, everything is quiet and no one moves until there was the gentle patting of bare feet meeting the cold floor. Mozie stepped forward and stared blankly at her friends. Kid stupidly let his guard down and dared to step forward.

In the next instant, Kid was knocked to the floor and the strong scent of blood assaulted his nostrils. Zulema hissed in pain as she gripped her wound tightly while grumbling a string of colorful swears. “Shit! I was careless!” Kid scolded himself and helped her stand as Dezzy quickly made it over to them.

“I know this is a no brainer but Mozie is acting weird! Her eyes are hazy and she isn’t responding to anything we say! And do I even have to mention your wound!?” Dezzy filled them in on what was up. “You okay, Zumi? You’re hurt. That was a smart move on your part.”

Zulema confirmed that she was injured but she was still capable of fighting and transforming. As Mozie ambled closer, a green fog seeped out of her mouth that seemed to be pulsating. A sudden chime of laughter echoed throughout the large room which caused the rescue team to fall into defensive stances. So, it was true then.

“Show yourself you asstard! Quit hiding so we can kick your ass!!” Diana yelled, sprinkling some of Isabella’s vocabulary on top of her threat. “And turn Mozie back while you’re at it, chickenshit!”

The volume of the laughter increased, booming around the room. The shadows danced around Mozie when she came to a sudden halt, like a zombie that had ran into a wall. Irritation got the better of Bethany and she charged forward blindly. But as soon as she got close enough to Mozie, the loud snapping of a whip came from the darkness. The lights to the room flashed on once Bethany’s back made a solid connection to the wall.

“Now, do you think you deserve your friend back after speaking to me that way? I can’t believe my older sister had to deal with you brats. I can’t believe she lost in the first place.” The witch chuckled darkly. She watched as the others in the room covered their eyes because of the sudden change of brightness. “I always thought she was stronger but I guess not if she lost to a bunch of hopeless kittens like you.”

The sound of a gun firing echoed throughout the room and zipped past Mozie towards the witch. The pulsating fog quickly flooded out of Mozie’s mouth and shielded the witch. Wincing in pain and ambling forward, she spoke in unison with unfamiliar and scary voices. Her dull hazel eyes focused on Kid. “Fool. Give up now and leave while you can. Live on with your pathetic life with the knowledge of letting your friends down. Of letting me, the love of your life, down--” She stood right in front of Kid, who didn’t want to raise his weapons to her, and allowed the fog to creep around his feet. However, once she was interrupted, she whirled around to face the one that spoke up.

“Oh would you shut up already!?” Melody screeched angrily, her face a bright vermillion. She was already sprinting towards them and tries to dropkick Mozie. The possessed brunette took hold of her friend’s foot and slammed her on the ground, crushing some of the solid material by sheer strength. With her distracted, Kid lowered himself to sweep kick her off balance. A grunt of pain rumbles in Mozie’s throat as she falls down, still clinging to Melody’s foot and digging her nails into her light skin.

Mozie kicks Kid away and quickly gets back to her feet. The fog that had been pooling around Kid’s feet was now circling around a half-conscious Melody. It wraps around her body and slithers into her mouth and down her throat. As her strangled cries of protest freeze her teammates in place, Kid aims Liz and Patty and shouts an empty threat to shoot.

The witch burst into hideous laughter with a crazed yet amused look on her face. “Oh like you’d be capable of doing that! Hah, I’ll die of laughter at this point!” She suddenly stopped laughing. From behind her long hair that hung over her eyes, there was a dangerous shine of malicious intent. “Mozie, darling? Kill them all.”

By the time the order was barked, Melody had already fallen under the same spell and obediently transformed into her weapon form. Without taking his eyes off of Mozie, Kid could hear the girls behind him arguing. Some of them wanted to rush over but others warned them to avoid being so reckless. They had no idea if that fog could forcibly match wavelengths or if it only worked on Melody because she was already Mozie’s weapon to begin with. An arrow whizzed past everyone and curved in the air at the witch. Again the attack was deflected but Mozie and Melody howl in agony as if they were the ones to get shot.

“Hold your fire!” Saz commanded. She must have been frustrated as well because the sniper rifle in her hand was useless at the moment. “We have to get those two out of that damn spell. It’s like this bitch is using that fog as a shield! Whatever we attack her with will only affect Melody and Mozie! Kid, get some more distance!”

Kid jumped back and took a look at the condition the girls were in. Vanessa stood protectively in front of an unconscious Bethany, Diana and Isabella were on standby (swearing up an intense storm), Saz and Richard were silently observing the situation, and Zulema was resting from weapon mode on the floor next to Dezzy. They were all pretty banged up, besides the long ranged fighters. Suddenly Saz started speaking out loud.

“What should we do? We have to break the spell somehow…” Her eyes narrowed as her eyebrows furrowed in concentration.

Richard scoffed loudly. “How should I know? Why don’t we go with one of the most stupid and most cliché thing in the world and leave it up to true love’s kiss?” His sarcasm could have been poisonous. Or perhaps contagious since Saz retorted with her own sharp tongue.

“Wait, that’s just it!!” Isabella squealed. “We gotta get Kid and Mozie to share a little smooch! It should do the trick!” The witch giggles uncontrollably at their discussion.

Silently telling her to shut the fuck up, Diana flips her off and sighs. “Are you guys fucking serious right now? Ugh, this has got to be one of the most idiotic things we have ever done in the history of our friendship. I’m in.”  A plan was quickly made and was put underway.

Kid stepped forward. Mozie charged and at first just tried to fight without using her sword. It was after a few dodges that her dull eyes narrowed in irritation and she started swinging Melody around as if she were trying to swat a highly annoying fly. Kid could not afford to get his for a number of reasons… The signal was given and Kid swiftly dodged another attack and took advantage of the fact that Melody was stuck in the ground.

His warm and thin lips mold perfectly with her plump and far colder lips. He holds onto her shoulders as tightly as his eyes are shut. Her body stiffens underneath his touch but then relaxes a moment later. She presses her lips against his, returning the kiss. However, her eyes are still open. In the next moment, Kid pulls away from the kiss in surprise as blood rushes up towards his mouth. He feels as if his body had been rooted in place when he looks down at the sword that had impaled him.

The girls freak out when they see his blood dribble down his chin. Zulema shouts and they all stop trying to rush in to help. They are told to watch what happens next and are given the orders to attack if this next move failed. Kid shakily reached into his pockets and dug out Zulema’s camera. He holds it in front of Mozie, who is now focused on the blue screen, and hits the play button.

“What are you doin’ there, Kid? Why’re you staring so intensely at Mozie? Hmmm?” The camera moves and zooms in a little on Kid’s face just as he looked away from Mozie.

“What are you talking about? I wasn’t staring! I just happened to be looking in her direction.” What a terrible liar he was.

“You were giving her lovey-dovey-kiss-kiss eyes!”

“Don’t get her started. Just agree.”

“Zumi, why the hell do you have a camera in your hand? What are you even doing?” The camera turns towards Mozie this time who wore an adorable confused expression.

“I’m making memories, of course! It’s the reason why I bought the damn thing!” A quiet chuckle came from behind the camera. No doubt it was the guilty little weapon that had recorded it all.

The recorded memory is reflected in dull hazel eyes. As it comes to an end, Mozie starts to growl. Her grip on Melody loosens and she steps back. Her body shakes vigorously and tears stream down her eyes. As she howls in pain, the others rush over and carefully bring Kid to safety. Melody returns to her human form and writhes on the ground, crying out and gagging occasionally. Bethany wakes up in time to see her friends returning to normal.

The annoying fog shoots from their body and flows back into a small green box the witch was carrying. She leered at Mozie as she fell to her knees, coughing and hacking the icky feeling away. Her face was stained with tears and her dress had some blood on it. Immediately, she crawls to her weapon’s side and pulls her into a hug. Diana and Dezzy move the two of them away. The two tried to apologize profusely but that only earned them gentle slaps on their cheeks.

“Quit apologizing and transform already!” Bethany grinned at Melody and ruffles up her hair. “We don’t have time to waste cuz that witch is still here!”

“Yeah, guys,” Vanessa chuckled. “Keep your snot away from us. Quit crying and kick some ass already! Move No Mercy, right? Go for it.”

Mozie looked unsure until she glanced at the floor where Kid rested in Saz’s lap. Her determination blocked off any sense of uneasiness. She was ready to take on the one responsible for their current situation. The smirks that were plastered on the face of every girl there would have sent shivers down the spine of even the strongest man alive (or maybe already dead, who really knows). Liz and Patty, now in their human forms and sitting close by Kid, give thumbs up of approval and wish them luck.

The eight charge in, completely forgetting about any of their injuries. No matter how hard the witch tried, she could not get one to stay down. It was when she turned her back on both Bethany and Mozie that she suffered the same fate as her older sister. However, the ending blow came from Saz, with one shot to the head, right between the eyes. The sour red soul floated in front of everyone. They take the soul, coincidentally finding the other they had accidentally left behind, and returned home.

Everyone had to spend a few nights at the hospital. When they were all discharged, they celebrated with a big party. Only the clothing had been changed to avoid bringing back bad memories. Zulema carried around her camera and recorded everything. Suddenly she jumped onto the table and turned towards Mozie. “And, I would like to be the first one to wish Mozie a very happy birthday! Who would have thought that you would get your first kiss taken a few days before today!?”

Mozie blushed deeply and looked away. “Hey Black Star, I think your girlfriend wants a kiss. Don’t keep her waiting; you’re supposed to have the spot light, right?”

“Hey Mozie that’s—MMPH!!” Ahh, yes. Perfect material for the recording. The room burst into a chorus of joyous laughter.

Kid kindly tugged Mozie upstairs and up onto the roof. They sat down and looked up at the night sky. “I had no idea it was your birthday…”

“You were going to find out eventually. I didn’t see a reason to tell you. Besides, I’m not in love with being the center of attention all the time.” Mozie chuckled. She sighs deeply but had a content smile on her face.

Kid shyly scooted closer. He rested his cold hand on her warmer one. His face was flushed and his eyes glowed a little from the way the moon shined down on them. Taking his index finger and thumb, he gently takes hold of her chin and moves her face so she could look at him. “As disgustingly cheesy as this is for me to say…you’re going to have to get used to being the center of attention. Because…Mozie, you are my center. You are my world…” He pulled her face closer and planted his lips on hers for a second time.

She chuckled in the kiss and pulled away. “Does this mean you love asymmetrical things now?”

“Don’t even joke about it.”

KidxMozie: Love is Asymmetrical
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Mozie belongs to this precious kitty: Catosmosis
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Happy birthday, Bri! I couldn't draw you anything and since I told you I was gonna redo this fanfic, I decided, "Hey. It's gonna be her birthday soon. WTH NOT DO THIS FOR HER BDAY"

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[1] I regret to say this but I have completely forgotten who Alex and Samantha were. I remember them being classmates but I can’t seem to remember their faces or their characters. This is why I have replaced them with two other people I know, Saz and Richard. Saz is from my school but she and Richard agreed that they would be Weapon and Meister so…yeah… ^^;;
Again, I’m sorry for forgetting those who were once precious but…it has been so long and I had no way of staying in contact with them.

And if there are other readers besides Bri and other friends, please comment down below what I could work on to improve my skills. I would like to make well made fanfics and I can't really do it without feedback.
(And of course they won't be fanfics with OCs, they're going to be Reader Inserts instead).

-Whistles Lowly- Look at the improvement! by CatGwmen
-Whistles Lowly- Look at the improvement!

I am...

I am SO surprised at how much I have improved. The one on the right looks a lot more realistic and just...WOW! Like, hot. DAMN.

I didn't put a Mature Content on it because I didn't actually draw nipples. If people are uncomfortable with the bits of fur I put there, lemme know and I'll go ahead and put the stupid Mature Content thing for you c:

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